Most people have never heard of a news blog. It’s got the word “blog” in it and that was enough to deter them from trying it. But if you’ve already read this far, chances are you might be interested in writing for a blog like this one! 

News blogs are exactly what they sound like: blogs about current events. We report on breaking stories, conduct interviews with key figures, and run opinion pieces on topics most important to us — all while playing devil’s advocate by presenting dissenting viewpoints. We discuss politicized topics, but we always offer an opposing perspective so readers can make up their own minds without having to sort through biased reporting.

What is write for us?

We rely on the writers who apply to be our freelance contributors. We provide a platform for people to publish material they’ve written, but only if they’re interested in being a part of our community. An important distinction is that we are social media experts and news junkies so we’re as invested in our readers’ experience as your own. We’re not a big news agency and we will not be looking to run exclusive stories. We are a forum where writers can have their work seen by much wider audiences than they would elsewhere.

What kind of material do we publish?

We have tried to keep our submissions as wide-ranging as possible to make our website accessible to people with general knowledge, specific interests, and varied points of view. That means that we post every news from longform articles on political issues, sports, culture and the news of the day, to thoughts about life and the world around us, articles about personal experiences at home or in their communities.

Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission?

1. – Write your heart out.

2. – Article length should be around 500-1000 words (approximately 5 minutes reading time).

3. – Give us an idea of what you are trying to say in your article.

4. – The article should be about news and related topics. The article should be your own work unless you are assigned an interview or a guest post on our site and they seem generic enough to have been published elsewhere beforehand (unpublished works count as well as published).

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Why Write For Us?

We are a community and we believe that putting out content that our members can be proud of adds to the experience of the social media site. Our authors have told us about their own personal struggles in getting published and having their work read, especially when they are writing about sensitive topics. The benefit of using our platform is that your writing is likely to get a wider audience because it will be seen by people who share your interests and who choose to follow you.

Contact: [email protected]