taliban ahmed rashid

This is from the film, The Three Faces of Eve, which was based off of true events. It explains why the Taliban was so adamant about attacking the U.S. in Afghanistan and why a number of the Taliban fighters were American. The film also explains why the Taliban is interested in how we feel about the United States. To them, the United States just seems different than they were used to.

The Taliban may be a group made up of people who have been brainwashed in a way that makes them think that they’re better than what they were made to be, so they would fight for the Taliban against America because they feel they’re better than they were made to be. The Taliban may be different in some ways from the people they are now and may not be the same people today as they were in the past. That is, they may be trying to be different than they are.

I think the problem with the Taliban is that they are not human. They may be the only group in the world who have never been taught to hunt bad guys. That’s pretty much how we communicate with the world.

The Taliban is an organization that is in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is where Osama bin Laden was from. But the Taliban is also in other countries and has been for quite some time. They have been fighting for years now, but they have been making a lot of mistakes. I think the big mistake they have made is that they have been too focused on the war against America.

Its a little difficult to tell just from the trailer, but it seems to me like the Taliban is going against everything it believes in. I mean, its a pretty scary group, but also makes sense. The people who have been fighting for decades in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere are very good at guerrilla warfare.

The Taliban are a faction in the Pakistani government. As the country’s President, Pakistan has a lot of influence in the country, and this faction is made up of people who are willing to fight and die for the government. It is the Taliban who are trying to destroy the Pakistani government, and their goal is to create a Taliban state in Afghanistan. The Taliban have been in power in Afghanistan for some time now, and the Pakistani government’s role in Afghanistan is very important.

It is very important for Pakistan’s security forces to be in charge of Afghanistan because of the situation that the United States is in. For years the United States has been trying to establish a new government in Afghanistan. The Pakistanis are trying to take over the government in Afghanistan to ensure the United States doesn’t establish a new government in Afghanistan. In order for the United States to take over Afghanistan, it will need to take over Pakistan.

The problem is that there is no one government in Afghanistan. All the governments in Afghanistan have a government that is very corrupt and extremely poor. It’s very important that the United States is in a place where nobody has any control over the government.

The problem for the United States is that all the governments in Afghanistan have the power to kill one another without a shot fired. That means that there is no one government that is in control of Afghanistan. In order to take over Pakistan, the United States will need to take over Afghanistan.

The United States is a very powerful nation, but its strength will be limited. It has a unique population, and it can be broken down into its own government. In short, the United States cannot take over Afghanistan.

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